Makeup colour chart – what colours suit you?

“What makeup colours suit me?”
“What eyeshadow colours should I wear?”
“Which lipstick shades suit me?”
“How do I cover redness and dark circles?”

These are the questions women ask on a daily basis! The good news is, a simple makeup colour chart can help you choose colours to complement or correct skin and eye colours.

Colours opposite one another on the colour wheel complement each other when side by side, and correct each other when layered. That’s why you see those green concealers – they conceal redness when layered over the top. It’s also why you see yellow under-eye concealers – they correct those purple-y under-eye circles.

Blue eyes look amazing with orange or peachy tones, green eyes ‘pop’ with red-based and magenta tones, brown eyes suit blues and greens.

Generally speaking warm skin tones suit warm colours, while cool skin tones suit cool colours. But if there’s one rule to remember when it comes to makeup – there really are no rules! There are plenty of tricks and theories, but no rules. That’s what makes it art!

A quick trick I learnt to check if your skin tone is warm or cool is to hold a piece of silver and a piece of gold jewellery against your skin – if you suit gold you are often warm-toned, if you suit silver, often you are cool-toned! Try to look at which actually suits your skin, and not your personal jewellery preference, as this can sometimes be different! (I personally like to mix my metals!)

There are a ton of makeup colour charts available online, but I’ve recreated a super simple one for you to download here. It’s A4 size and available to save as an image (right-click image and save as) or download PDF (click link below image).

Makeup colour chart

Download makeup colour chart – A4 PDF